Recent News

July 3, 2015: When we sent our bull off to the butcher last fall, we didn't realize he had one last fling with heifer Hazelnut. Nine months later she stands proudly in the pasture guarding her first calf. This close to July Fourth it seemed only natural to name him "Jefferson".

May 2015 We purchase most of our chicks from hatcheries but sometimes our free-range hens decide to go off and hide a clutch of eggs. Here a new mom shows her days-old chicks the proper technique for pecking bugs out of the dirt.

March 2015 Greetings to this spring's calves. We name female (heifer) calves after things that are sweet or dairy related, since they'll eventually join our milking herd. Bull calves get more practical names so we don't get too attached and forget about hamburger. Say hello to "Sugar" (top) and "Sea-Brisket" (bottom).

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